Pacific Laser PLS UB9, UB9 Universal Ceiling/Wall Bracket

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• (1) PLS UB9 Universal Ceiling/Wall Bracket
• (1) Quick Reference Guide

• Universal Bracket for use with all PLS magnetic L-Brackets
• Compatible with PLS 3, PLS 4, PLS 5, PLS 6, PLS 180, PLS 360, PLS 480
• Requires PLS Magnetic L-Bracket (PLS MLB, PLS-20295, PLS-21025)
• Vertical Fine Adjust Knob
• Ceiling Grid Clip
• Zip Tie mounting slots
• Keyhole Screw Mount

• Compatible with PLS 3, 4, 5, 6, 180, 360

The UB9 Universal Ceiling/Wall Bracket is designed for use with the PLS 4, PLS 6R, PLS 6G, PLS 180R, and PLS 180G when used with the PLS MLB, PLS 20295, or PLS 21025 magnetic wall bracket (not included). This accessory comes shipped in a printed cardboard box.

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