PLS 3X360G KIT 3X360 Green line laser level, RBP5, Case and Bracket

Sale price$ 654.48


• 3X360G Tool
• RBP5 (Li-Ion)
• Power Supply
• 3X360 Magnetic L-Bracket
• Green Reflective Target
• Canvas Pouch
• Blow Mold Case

• First PLS laser with 3-beam laser technology integrated to automatic pendulum 
• For easy Plumb, Level and Square alignment
• 1m drop tested

• Batteries: Li-ion
• Laser Class: Class II
• Accuracy: 5/64 " @ 33 ' (2mm @ 10m)
• IP Rating: Product IP Rating 54
• Working Range: 115 ' / 35 m (without line detector), 210 ' / 65 m (with line detector)
• Operating Time: 17 hours (1 beam), 5 hours (3 beams)

Lighten your tool-belt with the 3x360 green laser levels. These versatile tools combine all the best qualities of your favorite PLS gear, now with best-in-class accuracy and new features such as a rechargeable battery pack with charging adapter and a pendulum lock for added protection during transportation.

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